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Anakin & Padme HUSH

silent still challenge

Anakin & Padme Hush
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Anakin & Padme HUSH Challenge
Welcome to anipadme_hush, this challenge is dedicated to Anakin & Padme, but this is a HUSH challenge, therefore text isn't allowed. Are you up for the challenge?

Please follow these rules so that this community can be successful and everyone can be happy, because frankly it'd just be stinky the other way
01. Your icon must meet Livejournal's standards.
02. Do not show your icons anywhere until after the challenge ends, also, no older icons unless instructed otherwise
03. No Text allowed, it's a HUSH challenge, i would also perfer no animation.
04. One member can enter up to 3 icons per challenge, no more.
05. Do not vote for yourself, vote for others, I'm sure you want to win the correct way
06. Follow any other rules specified in the challenge's entries.
07. Respect!
08. Please try to participate, however i do understand when you can't, so try to vote when you can, enter when you can, do not be a member if youre just going to take the icons in the end. Thanks.

& in order to participate you must be a member so join before entering. Thanks.

First one is Underway, its not too late to jump in and join!
Submit Challenges in this format...

Banner? = Yes/No
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Previous Challenges

Challenge Winners
Need 10 members first.

Voting Information
Voting will start as soon as the Challenge Closes. It will run through until Sunday at Midnight, central time.
Special Votes
Each challenge will have a different unique voting catagories.
- Mod's Choice
- Most Unique
- Best Crop
- Best Coloring
- Best Lighting
Minus Mod's Choice, all of the special voting will be by members as well.

Time Line
The following will explain the timeline in which the challenges will be held and end.
Monday - Friday Challenge will be active. Challenges end at midnight, central time.
Saturday - Sunday Challenge voting will commence.
Monday Challenge Winners will be announced and the next challenge will be posted.
There will be Mid Week Reminders and information posted as well. So dont forget to check back here and then.



Sister: love__stillness

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